Healthcare applications

I work in healthcare and I was wondering what sort of analytics/modeling projects members of this forum are doing. I guess it would be nice to see how other healthcare institutions are utilizing different tools to solve different problems.

I for instance have just embarked on developing a risk stratification tool (high-medium-low) for 30 day readmissions for a local hospital. I am currently in the process of gathering data from a sql database and will be utilizing R for analysis. Readmission outcome 0/1 readmitted/not-readmitted and i am using some administrative retrospective data and lab data as variables. i.e. ed visits last 6 months, inpatient last 6 months, age, gender, a few comorbidities, lab values...and so on...i will definitely be querying this forum as it has helped me before countless times...just reading post and not even having to post myself!