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Right after you launch Camera360, you will instantly see an animated and colorful introduction, along with background music which showcases recently added features.

With that simple introduction, I can conclude that it is the nicest app I have ever seen. There are also other awesome Apk downloader android. Don't miss the chance to check them!

After you have passed that spectacle, you can see a minimal viewfinder, along with some on-screen controls. According to the developing team, this interface provides users with a “less is more” experience.

There is a built-in compass at the bottom of the screen. You can easily see it as the small wheel surrounding the camera button.

Specifically, this is the zone in which all camera effects and filters are found. You can also explore the switch and flash buttons.

What’s more, the extra compass consists of five scenes which help spice up your photos depending on what you intend to take, including food, landscape, micro, night, and portrait.

Within each scene, you are able to use the filters, which have the ability to change the tons, focus, and lighting. As you discover every scene, Camera360 emits an exciting clicking noise although you can turn off this sound whenever you want. You can get this app at our store right now. Check for more information about us with Apk downloads app.

Piano Tiles

Like Flappy Bird, Piano Tiles is one of the most popular games these days. In my opinion, it totally deserves the positive feedbacks and compliments.

After having tried a few rounds, I can immediately see the reasons why many people are in love with this game. Particularly, it embraces a simple yet challenging concept.

To be specific, the game is filled with a grid, along with black and white tiles that are constantly scrolling down the screen.

In order to win, you have to touch all of the black tiles without missing. As you tap on the tiles, it is great because you can listen to the piano playing along.

Besides, Piano Tiles contains a lot of different game modes. First and foremost, the classic mode requires you to touch 50 black tiles as fast as possible, while the Arcade mode demands players to touch an unlimited number of tiles as the speed gets higher.

What’s more, the Zen mode challenges you to touch as many tiles as possible within half a minute. In addition, Rush challenges help you see how many tiles you can tap within a second.

Last but not least, the Relay mode needs you to tap at least fifty tiles within 10 seconds in order to get to the next fifty tiles.

Every single mode embraces a special charm. However, the exceptional gameplay is what keeps players stay with this game for a long time.

The Verdict

To sum up, it is undeniable that Piano Tiles and Camera360 are two useful and essential pieces of software that any mobile user need to install.

Nevertheless, these are just two typical examples because you can find out more within other Apk for android download.
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