Hello from Alabama

I am probably way over my head, but am looking for some help on setting up a regression analysis formula in Excel 03. It is for a silly little simulated baseball game that I enjoy very much. I have been fairly successful at it thus far, but every formula I come up with is unsatisfactory to me. I am pretty sure a regression analysis would give me a better idea on projecting performance.

I have loads of data, but don't exactly know where to begin. Perhaps I have too much data?

Anyway. to anyone who would enjoy helping me I would be very grateful.


Not a robit
No extra time, but there should be instructions online for running regression in Excel (I havn't, but people run it in Excel all of the time). We would be happy to help you work through it and interprete the results. Just post questions, and perhaps other contributors will help provide some good literature or websites.

First of all, do you know what type of regression you would be interested in (e.g., linear)?
Hey, Have you tried to install the Data Analysis Add-In? Basically it is the easiest way to run a regression in excel. I use it on Excel 07 but i remember you can also use it with 03.
Or if it is just a bivariate regression, you can always use the simple math behind the OLS and compute it yourself. (when you have three variables things get a little bit more complicated).
Anyway, you can also check the connection between two variables by using CORRELATE function, before running a regression.