Hello from Wales

Hi folks,

I'm a professional field ecologist and ornithologist based in South East Wales, in the UK. I've done some stats before but have recently started work on analysing 30 years of ringing data (ten of which I was involved in collecting) from North Wales which is taking things to a level significantly (sic) well outside my comfort zone.

I can use Excel, SPSS and a bit of R but am certainly not expert with any of them. I have a few questions relating to my analysis that I will be posting here over the next few days.

In return, if anyone needs any help with anything UK and ecological, I'd be pleased to try and help.

Best wishes



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Hi! :welcome:

Sounds interesting! As far as that help goes... I've always wanted to be knighted...


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Welcome aboard. I will be waiting on the edge of my seat to see exactly what ringing data is. I could make some guesses, but will hold off and let the suspense continue.

P.S., Is 30 years of ringing data alot?