Hello statisticians and data enthusiasts!

Hello everyone,

I just joined the forum and posted my first message some minutes ago.

I am statistician working in a pharmaceutical industrial sites and thus apply statistics to industrial field. I hope we could share some of the statistics that are used in Industry such as Statistical Process Control, Design of Experiments, Sampling.
I am particularly interested by the rise of Machine Learning and seek for opportunities to apply theses techniques to predictive maintenance, reduction of waste by better predicting product performance, equipement breakdown...

I hope I will find other members who are in the same field.



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Welcome Cedric

I too am a practitioner in industrial statistics, and am well versed in SPC and DOE. Not so much in sampling though I can get by if necessary. I am new to machine learning, but am accomplished in reliability, so I may be able to assist in applying that to your maintenance problems.


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Welcome aboard @CedricLVQ

Look forward to your contributions and questions. I enjoy "Design of Experiments" and have been obsessively self-teaching myself more stats and machine learning for the past 10 and 2 years, respectively.