Help- Am Lost!

if you can do this you are a star and better than me. have just finished 34 other questions and this one has stumped me totally!

The set of scores below represent those from a group of applicants who completed Test 1 and Test 2. Bothe tests have a norm base of 100; Test 1, mean=33.21; SD=8.06. Test 2, mean=58.42; SD=16.51.

(raw scores out of 50) (raw scores out of 100)

lewis 20 31
bob 42 60
taffy 39 56
amir 44 73
william 25 73
abdhul 35 25
james 31 32
mark 36 47
Applicant Sample Mean 34.00 49.65
Applicant Sample SD 8.28 18.94

1. Calculate the SEmeas for each test [SD square root1-r]. The reliabilities of Test 1 and Test 2 are 0.8 and 0.75 respectively as calculated on the norm base sample.

2. What would be the 95% confidence interval for Abdhul on Test 1 based on z-scores and the reliability of the test?

3. Calculate the T-scores for Lewis on both test. On which test did Lewis perform best at the 95% level of confidence?

4. Who performed best on Test 1, Abdhul or Mark?

5. Calculate the 95% confidence interval for each test that would contain the true score for William.

6. Calculate the z-scores, T-scores, sten scores, and stanine scores for Lewis and James for both tests.

7. Calculate the SE mean's for the norm group and the applicant sample on Test 1. Comment on the result.


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Your problem is quite large, and we need to see what you've done so far. If you've already successfully done 34 problems, I find it very interesting that you're "lost" on this one, since it is mostly made up of computational questions.