Help deciding which spss functions to use

I'll start off saying that stats in general has never been a strong point for me :D

The variables i am using are;
Relationship Status
Number of dependants
Neuroticism (Higher score = higher neuroticism)
Affectivity (Higher score = positive; lower score = negative)
Locus of Control (Higher score = internal; lower score = external)
Coping (Higher score = adaptive; lower score = maladaptive)
Perceived Stress (Higher score = higher stress)
*demographic and predictor data are collected at baseline only, outcome variables are measured at both baseline and a six- month follow-up*

I have three hypotheses for a coursework that i need to choose the correct tests for, and to justify and carry them out.
If anyone could offer any guidance it would be amazing.

1. Stress will be stable over time, using a variable that represents the difference between two time point values. I know repeated measures anova can be used to see a change in a variable over time.

2. Locus of control and neuroticism will equally predict levels of follow up stress. linear regrassion with model comparison or multiple regression?

3. After adjusting for pet ownership and presence of a significant other, locus of control will be predictive of levels of stress at follow up. (supposed to justify approach to data entry) - i was thinking multiple regression?

I'm seeking input on whether i'm thinking of the correct tests to carry out, cause i know how to actually carry them out.
1. Why not repeated measures t-test but anova? How many subject groups will you have, how many repeats you have (I guess 2))
2. 2 linear regression models: one with LoC and the other with neuroticism. Than you can compare adjusted-r scores, if both estimates are significant.
3. Linear regression with pet ownership and presence of significant other as covariates and the LoC as the main factor. Then see if the estimate is significant.