Help for student research paper

Dear Talk Stats'ers,

Through our research we have some nominal scaled independent value's (a group of people, ex. Openness to Change) and interval/ratio scaled dependent value's (score on different sensory properties). Now we need to find out which sensory properties are affecting a specific group of people, but we don't know which test in Spss is used for this.

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Hi Koen,

I am not sure if I understand you right: You want to investigate if you can use your continuous variables (sensory properties) to predict the group people belong to? Or rather the other way round that you want to innvestigate if different groups differ in their average sensory porperties?

In the first case you can e.g. use logistic regression (if you have only two groups) or multinomial regression (if you have more than two groups), a little bit more sophisitcated would be a discriminant analysis. In the second case you can use an ANOVA or standard regression.