Help ! I need advice on basic statistical problem

This may be a really easy question , or it may not be possible I just don't know....

I conducted a test whereby I obtained 100 repeats of a single sample, lets say values ranging between 33 and 35. Using this data set is there anyway to calculate the approximate range I would expect to see in 1000 repeats, or 10000 repeats etc.

Thanks in advance for your help


Not a robit
Please provide more descriptive information related to what you are trying to do or did. Were these bootstrap samples?
Hi, thanks for the reply. In answer to your question:
My aim is to validate a piece of equipment used to dispense liquids as part of a protocol
I have so far dispensed 100 volumes and weighed them to determine the range of volumes that are dispensed.
I would now like to run the whole protocol using the reasonable likely extremes of these ranges to determine if the protocol still passes the internal quality controls in terms of the final result.
I would like to determine the reasonable likely extremes by claiming that if we dispensed the volumes 1000 or perhaps 10000 times then the range we would expect to see is x.
I was thinking of taking the standard deviation of the volumes and then the testing protocol at 4 standard deviations (by which I mean four sigma) and seeing if the protocol still passes.

I am seeking advice on whether this seems like a sensible approach