HELP!! I've no idea what I am doing :)

I am no expert when it comes to stats so I am reaching out for some help.

I have some data sets obtained from a questionnaire, nothing massive. They cover just over 250 responses from school students that and I recorded boy/girl and years 5/6/8/9 demographic data.

I want to know if there are any inferential statistics I can pull out of the data from the questionnaires as part of trying to evaluate impact of some training sessions I did with them.

Evaluation was an afterthought so I wasn't able to do pre/post testing either side of the intervention.

Here is an example of just one question that I did (overall there was around 25 questions).

I asked the question: How confident do you feel about being safe online now you have listened to the session?
Participants had 3 options
1. Not confident at all
2. Confident and
3. More confident

As an example, I have the responses as follows:
1. Not confident at all = 35
2. Confident and = 70
3. More confident = 150

I am able to split these down further into the volumes of boy/girl and year groups who selected the response.

Rather than simple bar charts and descriptive analysis I want to be able to see if there has been any significant impact on any gender or age range from my intervention.

can you help and let me know if I can do any form of t-test, chi square etc. as I am really uncertain which one to go with.

Many thanks in advance