Help required - SPSS & AMOS - CFA. Model Fit and others

My research is on "Measurement of Service Quality in Retail". Literature review revealed that most of the instruments available in the area of service quality focuses on the dimensions of customer perception about service quality. I have finalised on two instruments viz SERPERF and RSQS.

My survey respondents were shoppers totaling 410. I conducted the survey at three HYPERMARKETS viz "BigBazaar, Gaint Hyper and Reliance Mart".

My questionnaire consisted of 11 questions on demographics apart from the questions on perceptions on service quality.

Statistics is not threshhold, so even though I got SPSS 17 and subsequently AMOS 18 but I could build nothing concrete. I tried my hands on online tutorials. Even though I am able to do the tests but what I am unable to do is interpret the results. Same is the case with AMOS. I tried CFA and Model Fit but apart from drawing the diagrams and running the analysis I could not do anything. I even wanted to compare models i.e. SERVPERF and RSQS. That till now I could not do it.

i NEED some help urgently in this area.

First I am totally confused as to what tests I can do with the data I have and further what tests will suit my research.
Secondly, if i get the data analysed, how do I interpret it.

I tried learning but experts suggest that it will be time taking for me as first I have to learn the fundamentals of Statistics and then I will have to focus on Multivariate Analysis.

As time is short for me, I ask this AUGUST forum, CAN ANYBODY HELP ME in Analysis and Interpretation. Pls feel free for any data required from my side.