HELP - very strange error in my values

I was attempting a post hoc test after running a manova in spss and it would not run because "one group has fewer than two cases". Before I go further, let me make it clear that this is incorrect.

In the Between-Subjects Factors table, my values are listed as follows:

1 masculine - 24
2 feminine - 94
3 androgynous - 83
3 3 - 1
4 undifferenitated - 19

Obviously, the culprit is the strange "3 3 - 1" line.

However, when I look at the values in variable view, that line/definition does not exist. I also scrolled up and down to see if I had an invisible definition. I already tried deleting and redefining the "androgynous" line and it did no good. I double-checked the column in data view several times and had a friend look it over. Neither of us can see any errors.

A little help trouble-shooting this would be greatly appreciated.

Please see attachments for pertinent clips.

Thanks so much!
It's most likely due to decimal places being rounded. Sort your identity variable ascending and check the first and last '3' case in the data view.
That was it. First time i ever made that error. I had to set the number of decimals to 1 to see the error. Good that I caught it, because it had offset the entire line.

Thanks for the help!