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I am a new SPSS user and I am trying to analyze some data that I want to leave continuous. I am trying to determine how to sum the question or item responses so that they will represent the one subscale variable. For example "Emotion Based Eating" is determined by the median scores of responses to 5 questions. What menu do I need to use to have the sum of these scores equal the variable "Emotion Based Eating" and keep it a continuous variable? Once this variable reflects all responses, I can then correlate it with the dependent variable. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
I had the same thing, I had one variable that is explained by 5 different subtle questions in a survey, to compute the variable I just ook the mean of the results of those questions. To do that I used compute, I guess you can do the same thing for the median. This is how it works:

1. Transform > Compute
2a. Fill out the new variable name under 'target variable'.
2b. Fill out the command under 'numeric expression'. e.g.
Mean(VAR1,VAR2,VAR3) probably in your case MEDIAN(VAR1,VAR2,VAR3)
3. Click 'OK'

Hope that works into the way you want it!


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Hello Noscito:
Thank you very much for the info. I used the command and it worked very well.