Help with data analysis of 7-Point Likert Scale needed

Dear all,

I'm investigating perceptions of effective leadership of Germans and Indians. Part of the questionnaire assessed the attitude towards cultural factors of the respondent, the other part attitudes toward effective leader attributes.

I have run a questionnaire and gained N=209 responses. The questions were asked on a 7-point Likert scale and the precise questionnaire can be found here: (I only used part of the questionnaire and not all questions, as I only investigate perceptions)

Now I find it a bit difficult to assess which statistical tests make sense. I've done some research online and the information is quite ambiguous and sometimes conflicting.

Therefore, I'd be really grateful if anyone here could advise.

I have six hypotheses, each one stating that an attitude toward a cultural dimension (six of which are tested), to be a predictor of perceived effective leader attributes.

Thank you,