Help with extracting a piece of information from a variable


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Hello everyone. I'm looking to extract a specific piece of one variable and create a new variable with just that piece of info. Specifically, I've got full addresses and I want just the zip code. Parsing doesn't work because the addresses are of varying lengths:

1244 Aronda St., San Jose CA 95112 ------------------->95112
16 W. St. Unit 12 Rear, San Jose CA 95009 -------------->95009
San Jose, CA 95113 --------------------------------------->95113
8332 B Martin Luther King Avenue, San Jose CA 95112 --->95112

The zip is always five digits in a row. One challenge might be that there could be other parts of the address (for example the house number) that are also 5 digits in a row. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,