Help with predicted value problem using regression equation

Use the computer display to answer the question.
A collection of paired data consists of the number of years that students have studied Spanish and their scores on a Spanish language proficiency test. A computer program was used to obtain the least squares linear regression line and the computer output is shown below. Along with the paired sample data, the program was also given an x value of 2 (years of study) to be used for predicting test score. The regression equation is:

Score = 31.55 + 10.90 Years

Predictor Coef Standard Deviation T P
Constant 31.55 6.360 4.96 0.000
Years 10.90 1.744 6.25 0.000

S = 5.651 R-Sq = 83.0% R-Sq(Adj) = 82.7%

Predicted Values

Fit StDevFit 95.0% CI 95.0% PI
53.35 3.168 (42.72,63.98) (31.61,75.09)

If a person studies 4.5 years, what is the single value that is the best predicted test score? Assume that there is a significant linear correlation between years of study and test score.

This is what I did below

31.55 + 10.90(4.5) = 80.6

Is 80.6 the correct answer