Help with Regression analysis


I am very new to regression and statistics and trying solve some questions where i have data and need to build a regression model, i am struggling with to get right dummy variable and also the R2 value is very low, so i am trying to find better option for correct model. I dont want to post files online.

Any help would be very grateful.


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You've given us no information and say you don't want to post data. I'm not sure what you want from us.
Here is the data....i am trying to find to use the best way to use dummy variables to get the best model. I tried with a few options, like separating areas, but adjusted R2 is still very looking for ideas on how to get the best transformation of independent variables?


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Hey @mrlonuk79

The presentation of your inquiries/question is very poor. It is difficult to understand your concerns and the context of the project. Please provide more information in a clear manner and we would be happy to help you. Tell use about your variables and the outcome as well as provide just a small sample of these data and how they are formatted along with a sample size.