Help with research model

I am in need of a quick statistical advice for a study I planned, and I hope you can help me a bit with it. I'd really appreciate your expertise. Here's a link to the model:

The model looks kind of funny , so let me explain:
Very quickly: Independent variable: Nudge transparency with 3 levels: none, medium,high
Dependent variables: Agent Awareness, measured on 1-5 scale from 1=none, 5= very high, and Nudge effectiveness (percentage)
Mediators (or moderators) between awareness and effectiveness: Intentions & attitudes (Likert scales) and psy. reactance (Likert scale)

The effect of transparency on effectiveness is easy to test - 1-way ANOVA should do. Same goes for transparency on awareness.
However, I am having mixed feelings about what to do further. I want to see what happens to the transparency-effectiveness relationship, once I introduce awareness to the model. If transparency and awareness are strongly correlated (as I expect), I should perhaps include awareness as a covariate and look for the difference in coefficients to find the unique effect of transparency on effectiveness? I think I should also test for mediation (Barron & Kenny 4 step regression model) and moderation (multiple regression)?

Further I need to see whether awareness triggers effects from reactance and attitudes&intentions on effectiveness. Here's where I get totally lost. I am struggling between multiple correlations, stepwise regressions, struc.equation modelling, etc. Is there a fast way to test my model instead of running mediaiton and moderation tests on all possible relationships in it? The fact is, it is an exploratory study, and I cannot take guidance from anywhere.

Thank you in advance for your help, it is much appreciated.