Hi All - From Sacramento

I've only had a few stats classes, but for work, I analyze millions data points from experiments on developing computer memory technology and draw correlations between the materials, geometry, voltages, etc. and efficiency and effectiveness of design. I'd like to thank the experts here for some of the many great things i've learned so far from the posts I've read, and hope I can keep learning and provide some positive input myself.


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Welcome to the wonderful land of TS. Always interesting to see different applications of statistical methodologies and statistical computing. You said before that you know MATLAB but are moving to doing stuff in R. Do you find that you have to approach things differently between the two due to memory or speed issues? Or does R just reign supreme? hahaha
hmm.. R vs. MATLAB. Both definitely have a place in my heart. MATLAB is easier (for me) when working with smaller calculations, solving state-space models, and is used by my professors. R, once I wrapped my head around some of the syntax and functions, made handling large data sets fast and relatively easy, can handle most of the functions I use in MATLAB, plays very nice with LaTex, and is FREE! If I can figure out how to match R with everything I do in MATLAB, I'd go R for sure. MATLAB is expensive.. I'd pay $100, but that's for a dumbed down student version with limited capabilities. So why pay when R is more fun. :)


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I'm a little late but :welcome:

It's been nice having you around and you've contributed some good material so far. I hope you stick around! After a little while a chatbox should open up on the home page for you (there is a post limit you need to reach and it was lowered a while ago so I don't know exactly what it is set at now but it shouldn't take you too long to reach) - we look forward to chatting with you.


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The chatbox is a strange yet wonderful land where wits collide, noetsi hates on academia, and robots try to kill every hungry raptors that try to eat babies. You're not missing out really.