How Content Marketing contributes to Purchase Decision (b2b) with SEM

Hello community,

I want to analyze the contribution of content marketing to our sales activities. Suppose we have a website with a lot of content such as videos, downloadables, whitepapers, and so forth. Using that website, we generate leads, which is basically anyone who fills out a form with name and e-mail address. Based on his behavior on our website we give this user scores - hence if he opens the latest newsletter, his score increases by 10 points. If he reaches a certain score we hand this contact over to our sales team who wants to encourage him to make a purchase.

The thing is, once this contact is managed by our sales team, it is hard to determine the impact of our content to the contacts future purchase decisions. Of course the sales team does a lot to build a strong relationship but so do we.

I want to find a way to measure the influence of content activities and sales activities to the purchase decision of an existing customer. I thought, since there might be many variables to determine this, a SEM can be handy. Perhaps even a multiple regression analysis would work.

Doesn anyone of you have any experience with similar issues? Is there maybe a model already? How would you approach it?