How Do I present Multiple Relationship of Multiple Items?

Hi all, first time poster here - be gentle with me!

I'm currently analysing (in the loosest possible sense!) a whole bunch of data. This is revolving around polypharmacy of drugs.

Part of this involving seeing how many times Drug A is present with Drug B. Only it doesn't stop at B, it may go how many times Drug A is present with Drug B+C and D or B+C but no D.

In my head I can see that on the left hand side I can show all the different Drug A's (for argument sake, around 10 different 'A') with the potential Drug B,C,D,E etc across the top and then simple add a number for number of times present but I don't see how I can include anything other than single times present? Is there a way to show B+C+D without adding those combinations as separate values in the chart?

I feel like thats rambling, sorry! Stats aren't my strong point!
Welcome, Ben,
From my experience, there are nice people in this forum, gentle with all :)

I try to understand your goal, with a small example:
a: 5
ab: a=6, b=3
ac: a=7, c=9
bc: a=8, b=5

Before the "how", What do you want to show?
For example is there a meaning to show a: 18 (5+6+7) ? example_abc.png
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Thank you for the prompt response. I don't think I explained myself very well!

Basically sometimes people are given more than one drug. Sometimes this is ok, sometimes it is against guidance. I have a whole bunch of data telling me how many times different drugs are prescribed.

What I want to show is how many times one drug is prescribed alone and then how many of the other combinations the drug is prescribed. This may be simply drug A plus drug B but it may also be drug A plus B,C,D and sometimes it might be drug A plus B and D only.

I'm not sure if there's any easy graphical way to show that?
So if you are interested only with the combinations, why not showing each combination (a alone is also combination) as a stack bar, or as a bar?