How to calculate Jarque Bera? Getting different results from research papers...

Hey Everybody!

For my research, I want to calculate the Jarque Bera, which is a normality test that matches the skewness and kurtosis of a data set to see if it matches a normal distribution.
As far as I understand, The Jarque Bera formula is as follows:

JB Formulaa.JPG

However, when I calculate the JB with this formula myself, I get different results from the studies I am referencing.

Take this Table for example:

Table 1.JPG

For example, in the first row (month of January) the researcher calculates a JB of 56.652 but I get 67.8669!
For the second row (month of February) the researcher calculates a JB of 10.8857 but I get 11.2666!

What am I missing here? How are we getting different results? What is the correct formula to use?

Thanks in advance!