How to calculate z-test, p-test and other test values in regression analysis?

I would like to learn how to calculate P-test, Z-test, T-test and F-test for Simple and Multiple Linear Regression Analysis by hand (without help of Microsoft Excel or any kind of software).

I searched a lot in internet to learn the formulas and procedures that we can apply to calculate P-test, Z-test, T-test and F-test both for simple and multiple regression analysis. Unfortunately I didn't find any useful resource that can help me. Actually I don't know whether it is necessary to calculate all these values or we have available charts for these test values.

I would be grateful if anyone would provide me any link of website or ebook where the procedures and formulas have been explained step by step so that as a beginner I can learn them easily.

However if we don't need to calculate to find out all these test values (as there might be available chart for these values), please provide me the links of those charts and tell me how to use these charts.

Thanks in advance!