how to create a portfolio using xts time series

Hello, I have already corrected the stationary of my elements with diff, but to analyze the VaR (), CVaR (). It is necessary to create a portfolio, I have seen many packages that have left me confused. How is the procedure to create a crypto portfolio?

that is I must assign all the columns of data_xts in a portfolio

# correction stationary
data_xts$coin_close = diff.xts(data_xts$coin_close, na.pad=F)

               coin       gold    ....
2020-01-02   -0.00120     1.24    ....
2020-01-03    0.00220    -3.42    ....
2020-01-04   -0.00310    -4.12    ....
If possible, can I change the labels?
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