How to create groups in SPSS out of previously entered and analysed data?

I'm conducting a study on the development of a depression scale to use within a particular population. Using the distribution of the sum of each participants score of this scale I have created groups for ease of interpretation of each persons score on the questionnaire. So for instance, participants that scored between 30-73 are in the 'low' group, those that scored 74-95 are in the 'moderate' group etc etc.
I want to do analysis on these groups, specifically the means of each group and ANOVA comparing the groups.
Can someone help with step by step instructions on how I can create these 'low', 'moderate', 'high', 'very high' groups as variables in SPSS?
I have looked in old textbooks, and google but cannot find what I need.

This is straightforward and can be achieved with a simple recode command. As an unfamiliar user, it's best if you approach this through the GUI.

Click on Transform -> Recode into different variables. Move your 'score' variable across to the input-> output field and give your new variable a name and label and click change.

Click on the 'Old and New Values' button. On the new dialog window click on the 'Range' radio button. Add the range for your low group and put a '1' in the 'New Value' field and click add. Repeat for all groups, assigning them the appropriate new value and click 'continue' to close this window, then click 'ok' on the next window.

Open the variable view tab, look at the 'values' column and click on the cell for your new variable. Click the button that appears on the right side of the cell. Assign value labels to your new groups.

This link has screenshots of a similar task.
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