How to interpolate a curve between two points?

I have two points, for e.g. let's take an equity Index like SPX 500. I have the values of the Index 2021 Q1 and a value for 2022 Q2. Now, I want to interpolate the values for the rest of the quarters which is 4 values but not in a straight line. I want put a curve is place. Is there any methodology for this?
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You would need to be more specific about the kind of curve you want. With only two values how should we know how the curve should look?
Lets assume the start value of the equity Index is 100 and end value is 50. I need to fit 4 points in between. And it should be decreasing concave curve similar to the bond price vs yield curves.


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Any other restrictions you can come up with? There are an infinite number of curves that meet your current criteria.
Restrictions would be:

1) All 4 points should lie between 100 & 50.
2) They should be in a descending order i.e. 100> p1 > p2 > p3 > p4 > 50.
3) If possible the relative difference between 100 & p1 should be maximum as compared any other 2 adjacent points such as p2 & p3 or p3 & p4 etc.