How to interpret the results from this mixed model?

I was wondering if someone could help me interpret the results from this generalized linear model. I specified a Poisson distribution (since the response data are counts) with a Log link function.

Do I interpret it similarly to how I would an ANCOVA? That is...there is a significant effect of treatment ("proportion of males [M/Total]"), block, and the interaction? What are the take-away points from the goodness of fit test statistics?

Thank you.


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Are you able to write out the model or describe how the variables are entered. Meaning when you say mixed, I am assuming multi-level modeling, so what is on which level?

Also, I haven't seen output like this before (formatting), what software did you use?
I used JMP. A bit more about this design...

I've got 10 different sex-ratio treatments spread over two blocks. 20 replicates total; each reef is a replicate. My response variable is the total number of eggs produced at each reef so I've got 20 different egg counts.