How to intrepret this Correlation Matrix result from R ?

This is the correlation matrix of Variable 1 against 16 other variables. I have applied the Distance correlation matrix from the R package "Correlation" which I read is suitable for non-linear data. But I am having time interpreting this result as I could not find enough resources on the Distance correlation result interpretation online. Therefore, could someone explain this result to me with the explanation of few variables and the mentioned parameters?


I am not familiar with this package or this particular measure of correlation. However: 1) if you explain why are you attempting, it would be more likely that you receive useful comments; 2) without knowing the details about this function, it seems pretty apparent that correlation between variables seem to be virtually 0


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Provide a link to the package vignette's PDF.

I agree with @css!

Also, of note, yeah these variables don't seem related to the other variable, which by chance 1 out of twenty could be statistically - it typically doesn't take that large of a sample for confidence intervals to exclude "0" it there is a true underlying association.