How to investigate (multi)collinearity for categorical variables?

I was wondering about finding possible multicollinearity relationship among the categorical independent variables. I thought it would be VIF. But, VIF didn't provide me good result (all were VIF < 5) even if I have put intentional collinear variables. But, it worked well when the variables were continuous.
So, which method should be applied for checking collinearity for categorical independent variables and how to apply it in SPSS?
Thank you


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How did you create intentional collinear variables. Multicolinearity is determined by a group of variables not one on one comparisons.

VIF is one of the two I know that is recommended. It does not matter if the predictor is categorical or not.


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Your data are categorical, but can you rank order the categories? What about making a mosaic plot with your data to understand their association?