How to set up manova in MATLAB for multifactor analysis

I have 4 independent variables:
Frequency (within-subjects, continuous, 16 levels)
Amplitude (within-subjects, continuous, 3 levels)
Time (between-subjects, continuous, 7 levels)
Status (within-subjects, categorical, 2 levels)

and 2 dependent variables:
Storage (continuous)
Loss (continuous)

I am interested in analyzing this data, specifically how significant is the time factor. The dependent variable have a non-linear dependence on frequency that I want to analyze as well, and a probably linear dependence on amplitude.

I haven't gotten any feedback in the matlab forum, so I'm trying here. If anyone knows how to set up a repeated measures object using fitrm and then do a manova on it, please respond and I can give more details. The examples in the r2014 documentation are suspicious and do not tell me what I need to know to set it up correctly.

thanks in advance