Hypothesis Test question...

I am new to hypothesis testing. I have this homework assignment and I am getting stuck. Here are the details:

A reporter has claimed that cancer fatality rates are decreasing. The National Cancer Institute in 2003 showed that for the last five years the average number of cancer deaths have been almost constant at 572,500 out of an average population of 286,559,000.

As a good approximation assume that the population in 2004 is unchanged from the previous years.

The critical info is the American Cancer Society's Annual Report to the Nation stated that 563,710 people died from cancer in 2004.

Is Ho = 572,500 and Ha < 572,500? Also it says based on the sample data there is a significance level of 0.01.

Can someone please help me get through this problem? I have to determine if the claim is correct or not and tell what I found.

I appreciate any help.