Hypothesis testing nominal data

Hi all
Just found this great website but unfortunately i cannot find a thread that can help me
so here is my question.
i got an assignment where the question is:
"Examine if the market share of EDC is 25 %(real estate agent). If not, please indicate the size of the market share."
So from here i use SPSS analyse to see that EDC market share is 16.2%(see datasheet)

I also need to make a hypothesis test(stated by my teacher):
my hypothesis i state as
H0=10 as sample size is 37 and 37/4=9.25 rounded up=10(as you cant sell 9.25 houses)
H1 different from 10

But from here im not sure what teststatistics i should use or if i can use my hypothesis at all

I would be very gratefull if someone could point me in the right direction
Christian Vogelius


TS Contributor
"non-parametric" has nothing to do with the number of populations.
As I said before, please take a look at the one sample binomial test.