if-condition | Stata beginner needs urgent help

Hey there,

I am writing a term paper in my Masters which needs to be handed in within a week.

I want to conduct a multinomial logistic regression, using a categorial variable as dependent variable, that descirbes digital affiliations with political parties.
Variable "affiliation_types":
Reference category (0) "none"
"audience" (1)
"friends" (2)
"digital activists" (3)

my first and foremost problem is, that STATA is now somehow going nuts. This is what happens with either the version I use via the remote connection to my uni or via the short-term license i got from STATA.


Now, after one and a half weeks of using stata, i start to think, that something is either totally worng with the data or with me...
pls check the attached files to understand my doubts...
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