I'm thoroughly confused

Okay, I've been trying to get started on this for an hour now and I'm stuck/lost:

They sample 175 such households and find that 95 would indeed use a bus if the routes better fit their needs. The Plan Commission is willing to make changes if at least 60% of all such households were to begin using the bus system. Based on the firm's analysis, they report to the Plan Commission that 60% of such households would support the bus system if the routes were changed. How did the firm arrive at their conclusion when less that 60% of the sample indicated a willingness to use the system if the routes were changed? State your hypotheses and assumptions and show all calculations.

Okay, I've calculated the standard error for both 60% and the 54% survey results. I know how to find the z-score, but I'm just not sure that I'm looking for the right information. Any help greatly appreciated.