In desperate need of help

Hello everyone!

I am in dire need of help with my statistics, about which I know little. Assistance is needed to help me complete a dissertation titled "Between creativity or marketing tools which is the most suitable for SME (Small and Medium size enterprises".

Basically by means of a likert-scaled survey, I obtained information about

- the quality of conventional marketing practiced by SME
- the quality of entrepreneurial marketing practised (albeit unconsciously by SME
- the perception of SME owners of their creativity

My belief is that the results should show that

- where score on quality of conventional marketing is high score on Entrepreneurial Marketing is low (negative correlation right!)
- where score on quality of conventional marketing is high score on Creativity Perception is low (negative correltation???)
- where score on qulaity of entrepreneurial marketing is high score on Creativity is high (positive correlation??)

The rationale behind these believes is that conventional marketing being a very linear theory (and mainly suitable for large companies) follows systems that are very different from entrepreneurial marketing (a new theory about marketing suitable for SME that is still being developed). Moreover, creativity is more consonant with Entrepreneurial Marketing than with Conventional Marketing

I thought that this needed to be an exploratory research from which to eventually draw hypothesis because this interface, i.e. Conventional Marketing, Entrepreneurial Marketing and Creativity has, to my knowledge never been investigated.

My problems and queries? Many!!

1. Because I made some assumptions, for example about the level of entrepreneurial vitality of SME owners/managers, I decided to conduct this research amongst a number of SME owners/managers that have followed a number of training courses offered by an local training institution. My understanding is that these people more than anyone else exhibit entrepreneurial vitality. In view of this, in the research methodolgy section should I write about population and sample. I understand that being an exploratory research I am not, or should not be making any inferences about the whole population of SME owner/managers.

2. What type of analysis should I conduct, apart from basic descriptive analysis.

Should anyone need further clarification, I will only be too happy to oblige!! that is if I can!!!

These are fundamental questions that would at least settle my mind on what I am doing. Probably some more will follow