independent t-test vs anova

doing a 6 week study looking at effect of steps taken vs mental well-being score. Using RCT set up with intervention and control group, intervention participants increase upon average steps by 15% control group stick with average steps taken. questionnaires filled out at the end of each week plus pre study and post study, i'm confused as to which test to use?

many thanks
Can you please please support example data?
Not entirely sure what you mean but data is steps taken and numeric scale 14-70 for well-being questionnaire results. 1 questionnaire a week for 6 weeks. Control group complete average steps (calculated previously) and intervention increase upon average steps by 15%.

many thanks
I'm not sure I understand your experiment, usually, when getting the collected data it is easier to understand.
You don't need to support the real data only example with small sample size (~6 )