Interpretation of the Likelihood Ratio Chi-Square Test Statistic

Do I still use the Chi-Square distribution table to determine the significance of the Ratio Likelihood Chi-Square test statistic?

I know you use it for the Pearson's Chi-square test statistic, so I am unsure whether to same rules apply.

I calculated the Likelihood Ratio Chi-Square in SPSS software program using a 2x2 cross tabulation table, and obtained these results:

Chi-Sq: 0.065, df=1, P-value= 0.799

I just don't know how to interpret these results!

I know the P-value would indicate it is insignificant being greater that 0.05.

Thank you for your help in advance.
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You still use the chi-square table (distribution) - you failed to reject your null hypothesis of no difference between the groups.