interpreting a continuous*categorical interaction


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I'm trying to interpet an interaction term and getting a bit confused. My outcome is a mental health measure in kids (higher scores mean worse mental health):
Support is continuous, caregiver depression is 0 = no depression, 1 = depression

Support -.7751 (1.4252)
Caregiver Depression (Wave 2) 7.4730 (3.7516)~
Interaction of Support*Depression -11.74 (4.8392)*

Is this interpretation correct:

Effect of parental support on child mental health is -.7751 for kids with caregivers who are not depressed (in other words support is protective against poor mental health in children for kids where their parent is not depressed)

Effect of having caregiver depression (depression=1) on kids mental health for kids with no parental support= 7.4730...(in other words depression is harmful, for kids with no parental warmth)

The effect of caregiver depression on internalizing is-11.74 with every 1 unit increase in parental support(I'm struggling with this one)

Any thoughts on how to plot these, graphical representations are much easier to interpret.

many thanks!
I remember in my generalized linear models course being told not to look at interaction of a continuous and categorical variable. I think. :confused:

Something about being really hard to interpret.