Interpreting GLM results with interactions

Hello, I'm currentling working on my master thesis and I have Problems interpreting my results of an GLM (poisson regression).
I am a little confused. When I look at the independend variables. Heterogenous green within 500 and 250 m (HET500 &HET250), Homogenous green within 500 m (HOM500) and open ground (OG) have a positive effect on Isopods (Iso). Whereas homogenous green within 250 m (HOM250) and vegetation diversity (DV) have a negative impact. I interpret it this way because of the z-value. If it has a minus in the front it counts for a negative correlation I think.

Now if I come to the independend Variable "Type", I see that compared to vacant lots (the baseline) green roofs (GR) have less Isopods because of the minus in front of the z-value. Do I interpretate this right? How do I interpret railway embarkments (RE). Does the significance mean, that they have more isopods than vacant lots ore a similar to them?

And now there is the part I am really confused about: The plots. it shows differences to my interpretation on the glm result table. E.g. Heterogenous green seems to be only a positive factor for Isopods on vacant lots. How can it be, that the z-value has no minus in front then?

How should I interpret results like this? Am I on the right path already?

P.S: on the first picture you see the results and plots (in Excel for a better overview) and on the second the results summary in R