is Chi squared appropriate here?


I have some survey results which I have compiled into a crosstabulation (9x4)using SPSS.

I was intending to use chi squared analysis to determine if the results are significant, but in my stats notes (completed this unit some time ago....) I have that in order for chi squared to be appropriate the expected values should not be "too small". Many of the entries in my table are zero.

Can I use chi squared or should I use some other analysis method?

Thanks for your help


Is 0 a categorical choice or is it interval data? I'm no expert, but it sounds like if your 0s are falling into a category which can be summed, it would be appropriate to do chi square.
Hi and thanks for the reply,

The data is the results of a survey in which people select an option between 1 and 9.

In some cases, none of the people chose a particular option, hence the zero result.

Sorry if this was unclear before :)

Thanks for your help