is it possible to build customized (nice-looking) tables in R?


TS Contributor
Hello All,
I am wondering whether is it possible in R to produce nicely formatted tables, whose cell values (and headers) are worked out from pieces of information extracted from other dataset.

To hopefully clarify that: in a quite recent article of mine (LINK), I have painstakingly produced a table (which is attached here as PDF) that was synthesizing different information derived from Correspondence Analysis on a cross-tabulation. I built the table in Excel, but the process was quite tiresome.

I just wanted to know if, in general, it is possible (viable) in R to produce a highly customized table? Should it be possible (at least in principle), I will be more than happy to provide you with further details of what I got in mind.

Thanks for any elucidation on that matter.


I have just spotted a typo in the table's caption.....WTF!!!!!