is it possible to have multiple mediators that all fully mediate

I have a situation where I found my two mediators are both full mediators
Does it make sense? I would think there should be only one full mediators at a time? if it is partial, it is making sense to have multiple mediators but for a full mediation, somehow I think there only sh ould be one full mediator

my two mediators are not significantly correlated. (.124).
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what i understood is this:
(A is independent, B1 and B2 are mediators, C is dependent)
you have two relationships: A-->B1-->C and another one is: A-->B2-->C
is it right?
and then, you have full mediating effect on B1 and B2.
well, this indicates that A has least (or no) relationship with C.
however, A is related to C through B1 and B2. and, B1 and B2 have effect on C.
this makes sense.
say, B1 and B2 are two different factors (for example, say stock market and export).
and C is the economy of a country.
let us say A is microsoft's stock price.
then, definitely A has relationship to stock market and the export (export sales of windows) but it has a little effect on economy of usa.
something like this,
but this is a rare case, i should say.
it's really new to me!!