Is Sea Level Rise Data from NOAA an Areal Data?

I am working on sea level rise and I collected the data from NOAA.

In the "meta", they describe the data is obtained by :

Hourly : three-point Hanning filter centered on the hour

Daily : 119-point convolution filter (Bloomfield, 1976) centered on noon applied to the hourly data with respective periods of the 95, 50, and 5% amplitude points at 124.0, 60.2, and 40.2 hours .

I am not understanding in which category of the spatial data, the sea level rise data fall in : (1) Geostatistical, (2) Areal, or (3) Point pattern ?

I suspect the data is Areal data because when I am collecting hourly data, I am partitioning the study region into three (three-point Hanning filter).

And when I am collecting monthly data, I am partitioning the study region into 119 distinct regions (119-point convolution filter).

But I am not sure whether I am thinking correctly.

Thank you.