Is the fixed effect model for regression correct

Hi all,

we have a dataset that has final exam Total_score(of students) from 500 random Schools. Some schools have ICT lab other do not have it, indicated by School_Type dummy (1=ICT). We have other variables for school characteristics as well like its size, enrollment, total passed students etc. We also have some student characteristics like gender, study group (Sci/Arts/CS), etc.

We need to see (1) if school type is a significant predictor in total score of students

I have read so much literature on the net that I have got confused on how to model this (expertise are in SPSS only, and I am using ver. 20). My option 1 is to apply regression where Total_Score is DV and Gender, Subj_Group are CoVariate and School Type is a Factor, and run FIXED EFFECT regression using Mixed Model in SPSS.

Is that OK? (once i get the answer I have follow up questions).