Kaplan Meier Survival analysis - Need help please!


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I am a doc doing a research job, I am familiar with basics of statistics.
I am currently doing a KM survival analysis. I am using SPSS 14.

I am able to get the result. the problem is the output is median or quartiles.
since I deal with survival after particular treatment I am looking at 5 year and 10 year survival with confidence intervals.

Though I am able to figure it out from survival table or graph, I could not get the C.I

Could you please how to get 5 year and 10 year or "x" year survival probabilities. How should I compute it. I am not familiar with command syntax. Should i do something with that?

My data is simple, one column groups patient, another syas cesored or not and the third time in months.

Your help is greatly appreciated

kind regards