[LaTeX] - What is your favorite LaTeX editor?


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I've been doing some heavy LaTeX editing recently after a period of relative downtime with respect to LaTeX. I also just reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 so I decided to give a few different editors a try. I thought I'd solicit the fine community here for your opinions on the best latex editor around.

Previously I used Emacs. It's still in the running but I've been too lazy to get around to modifying a few things so at the moment it's not ideal for me.

Gedit was ok for latex editing but for some reason at the moment it keeps crashing if I try to go to the preferences for the latex plugin - so that takes it out of the running.

Geany is really nice and I'm surprised I haven't given it a try before. It sort of reminds me of Notepad++ but I like it a lot more. The latex plugin is decent but I like the setup because it's fairly customize-able. I can split the pane and have my bibtex file open right next to my latex document and below the whole shebang I have a whole slew of other options (including the compiler output, a Tasks list, a scribble pad). It also has tabs for multiple documents which is a feature I've come to enjoy and expect out of my editors.

At the moment though I'm considering Gummi though. If only for one (or two reasons) - the live preview pane is really slick. The editor itself is fairly minimalistic but you can add a few features (but not quite as many as geany). The other thing I like is the ability to autodetect and view your bibtex file in a nice column browser with title, author, year and then if you double click on the document of interest it'll add the citation into your file wherever your cursor was so you don't need to try to remember what your citation key was. I haven't played around with it too much but I really like those options and it seems to do a good job at everything else so at the moment I'm considering it as "my latex editor".

What editor do you use?