Likert scale

Hi all,
I am a newbie to stats and I am currently on a project and I like to ask smthing about likert scale.
My question tests on user's acceptance to technology. And I used 3 qns to get the user's response.
below is the result
(1 -strongly disagree to 5 - strongly agree)

Qns1 = 4
Qns2 = 4
Qns3 = 3

Can I do a (4+4+3)/3 = 3.67, round it off to 4 and rate respondent's acceptance to technology scale = 4 ?



TS Contributor
No, I would not recommend rounding a Likert scale, either up or down.

The best thing to do would be to report the sum or the average response, to at least 1 decimal place.
I actualli did one with the values round up earlier..
thanks I will go do it with the decimal values now and see the difference ..

The reason i am doing this is because i need to test do a regression of the attitude to smart cards on acceptance to technology.