link data collected from two surveys collected from both managers and subordinates

Hi guys I badly need some help for my masters-level dissertation please.
I have two surveys which i collected the data via Qualtrics. Both surveys have elements taken from the literature, highly used, reliable and valid so nothing is new. Questions in both surveys are in a matrix form - well excluding demographics - and each manager and his subordinates are coded as manager 1, subordinate 1a 1b 1c...

The first Survey distributed to managers of middle level regarding one scale element (self-assessed awareness level- 25 questions excluding Manager code ID and demographics). The second survey distributed to subordinates has 3 elements (Self-efficacy and job performance being both self-assessed) and Leader's potential to derail (employees' perceptions of their managers, about 100 questions in total). All are likert scale but vary from 1-4, 1-6, 1-7 and 1-9 !

I downloaded the files in SPSS form and Excel form, but I'm not sure what to do next.
each manager has up to 5 subordinates ... (some have 4, some have 5 and some have 3 subordinates)
Resulting from Surveys, i got two SPSS files one for managers and the other is for subordinates...

the next step would be to link these data somehow and analyse it.
I have to link the 2 SPSS files somehow so i can link the data of each manager and his subordinate.

Can anyone please tell me what tests I should use to correlate my results. I need to find a correlation between my variables to find if mindfulness training for leaders prevents leader's potential to derail, as well as how it affects employees' outcomes (efficacy and performance).

Independent variable is leadership derailment
Dependent variable is employee job performance
Moderator is Mindfulness
Mediator is Self-efficacy

The following are my hypothesis in case I wasn't clear enough ..
Leaders high in mindfulness are less likely to be perceived as having the potential to derail
Mindful leaders have a positive impact on their employees' self-efficacy
Mindful leaders have a positive impact on their employees' job performance

Anyone can help me with my data analysis please?
Thanks in advance everyone!
Much Appreciated !
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