LISREL-SIMPLIS 2nd Order MultiGroup Measurement invariance Testing

Hi Hi.

I am using LISREL 8.8 (Simplis Commands)
I am stuck in doing 2nd order Multigroup measurement Invariance - specifically i cannot get through the stage for equal intercepts (strong invariance/Measurement intercepts)
I kept having errors and model does not converge.

Hope some one here can help me..

here are my code that worked until Metric invariance-Equal factor loading (items are ordinal, and estimation method = RML)

...means, correlation, asymptomatic covariance
a1 = 1*A
a2 a3 a4 = A
b1 = 1*B
b2 b3 b4 = B
c1 = 1*C
c2 c3 c4 = C

A = 1*Z
B C = Z

Group 2
....means, correlation, asymptomatic covariance

set error variance a1-c4 free
set variance Z free
set variance A free
set variance C free
set variance B free

Path diagram
End of problem​