logistic regression analysis

Dear Sir,
i am not very good in bio-statistics. i need help in basic questions:
I am working on research article. I have following dependent variables:
2-difficulty in breathing
3-chest pain
5-difficulty in breathing during sleep
6-difficulty in breathing during walking
7-nasal symptoms
8-itchy rash
9-chronic bronchitis
10-bronchial asthma
These variables are categorical that is yes or
The independent variables:
1-Age. 2-duration of exposure,3-smoking. 4-exposure to chemicals. 5-use of face mask. 6-education. 7-ethnicity
these are also categorical few 2 categories other more that 2 categories
I would like to know whether there is any relationship between dependent variable and in dependent variables
i have applied chi square test. i want to study it further by applying other statistical test
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Dr Asad Jamal


TS Contributor
For bivariate associations (e.g. between cough yes/no and age) you might perhaps have a look at https://duckduckgo.com/?q=statistical+tests+decision+tree&t=ffsb&ia=web

The scale of the measurements is not clear in some instances,
e.g. age usually is not categorical (age is interval scled, or if age
means age groups here , then this would be an ordinal scale).

The title of your post is logistic regression analysis, does that mean that you
want to perform (multiple) logistic regression? How large is your
sample size, and how frequent are the symptoms in your sample
(very rare, or very frequent)?

With kind regards

dear sir, thanks for your email. my sample size is 300 workers age is divided into three groups less than 25, 26-40, more than 40 yrs, The frequency of the symptoms is 30 % around with some fluctuations. With best regard